Coba & Monkeys Reserve

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Where the Past, Thrills, & Wildlife Converge for Fun.

3 destinations | 1 day

Begin your adventure by visiting the remarkable ancient city of Coba, a place where vegetation merges with this breathtaking site, accompanied by one of our knowledgeable hosts. What sets this site apart is the option to stroll or embark on an exhilarating bike ride along its ancient streets, immersing yourself in its rich history.

Then continue with a thrilling zip-line ride over a picturesque lagoon, followed by a serene canoe journey on tranquil waters. Take the plunge with a daring rappel into a mesmerizing Cenote, tucked away within a cave with a 36 ft. high drop.

Venture deeper into the lush tropical rainforest, where howler and spider monkeys thrive in their natural habitat. Conclude your day at a charming local community, savoring culinary delights from one of the most gracious Mayan families you'll ever meet.

This excursion promises an action-packed day filled with adventure, history, and invigorating bodies of water.

Where Untamed Wildlife Flourishes in Absolute Freedom.

Just a few clicks from this enchanting experience.
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Coba & Punta Laguna.

Experience the Perfect Fusion of History, Excitement, and Water Activities.

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